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We've never watched guys sucking dicks and getting screwed before. Yuki Mizuho sure loves playing with tasty dick. It's time to get this stud ready for your boyfriend's prick. Except the guys could hardly have guessed just what sort of an orgy Nan and I had in mind! Beautiful giant kissing young girl

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No, not at all. The guys, taking their cue from us, took off their clothes. I don't mean to boast, but Nan and me are a pair of young, sleek, tanned, hardbodied sluts who are so fuckin' hot and cunty we could probably raise a hardon in a dead man! You should see the slut beg for it! Soon fingers and tongues were exploring slick, creamy pussies and tight, puckered assholes. I'd say something was getting you two excited," Nan commented. Well he may have been straight but he sure squealed and squirmed like a bitch in heat when I dug my thick and very lifelike dildo all the way up his ass. The guys had unbuttoned their shirts. Like us, they were two college dudes spending the year in Spain, though they didn't know each other from back home. We've seen each other naked before," I added. And we had, since we enjoyed going to a nude beach together. No complaining from him. Tits, cocks and pussies came into view and we all took in the hot sights. But maybe we'd like to watch too. Let's the four of us get together and we'll let them watch us get it on and, who knows, maybe we can encourage them to check each other out too. Then a nasty thought came to my mind. They don't want anyone to think they're fags, I guess. I looked over to watch Nan riding my boyfriend and she, I could see, was watching me. After we lapped away at our two tasty morsels, we disengaged and approached the guys. Nan then got up off Tim, leaving the two guys sitting there, cocks standing stiff and slick from having been in our pussies, jaws hanging slack, shocked by our words. You should see him; he really freaks when I start reaming out his butt. After all, you know how much Nan and I like it when you fuck us in the butt, and -- really -- what's the difference between our assholes and yours? How you just love to spread it wide open for her. Though his cock remained rock hard, as did Doug's. By the time we finished dinner we had put away a couple of bottles of wine and all four of us were feeling very loose, cracking dirty jokes and goofing around. Off came our halter tops and our shorts. We rode them for all we were worth, their thick cocks filling us to the brim. Sucking each others' big dicks and taking it up the ass. Then we mounted and fucked them nice and smoothly. That would be so incredibly hot! Nan and I looked at each other. Unzipping and pulling down their pants so we could see the big bulges in the crotch of their little briefs. Dudes, they all fantasize about that. But they were game, each eager to get a blow job from his lover's girlfriend. We met Tim and Doug at the start of our Junior year abroad. And then our panties. Why, she's almost as foxy as me! All four of us had been on our college swim teams, and Nan and I met the two of them when we all got jobs working as lifeguards at one of the popular Costa Brava beach resorts. We figured if we got the guys a little loaded, that might help loosen them up and make them open to new adventures. These guys still didn't get it. That's what I can't figure out. The guys looked at one another, amazed. It's perfectly natural for you guys to want to take it in the ass. Nan and I planned it so that Tim and I would have to spend the night at her place because Tim would've had too much to drink and I couldn't drive a stick shift. Feel free to chew on her pussy anytime you want I looked over at Nan and winked. More than friends, actually, since once in a while the two of us, when we were feeling horny, liked to fool around with each other. We noticed that Tim and Doug's cocks were swelling up and getting big and hard. Especially, as was the case with Tim and Nan, when they were both my lovers! Nan and I, as it were, were just wearing halter tops and gym shorts. You tell her that? You are making me so fuckin' hot telling me that. You're a regular pair of dykes," Doug said kiddingly. And it would also mean that Tim and I would have to spend the night, setting the stage for the very wicked evening Nan and I had in mind! Two hot, sleek foxes mixing it up right in front of their eyes. You know, giving him a nice anal tongue bath. Maybe that's what we'd like to see you do," I said, dismounting Doug and noticing his shocked expression. I think I'm going to have to slide my fingers down under my panties and jerk off. But we do enjoy each other sometimes. He can't get enough of it. Once, we even got it on in each others' presence, though we didn't swap or anything. Well you might dig that too. Then the briefs came off too. I got down on my knees in front of Doug's prick, while Nan went for Tim's. Now was the time to broach the subject. Especially when I take out this nice, big dildo -- you know the one, I've used it often enough on you -- and force it all the way up inside him. There was something wild about seeing your lover fuck someone else. Though we had been naked on the beach together many times, Nan and I now knew that our nudity was a prelude to something more.

It had taken quite a bit of convincing, but finally I got my boyfriend to try taking it up the ass courtesy of my favorite dildo. It's sort of hot in here," Nan suggested. Let them get freaked," I said with the shrug. I pawed her big, firm perfect tits while she reached out with her lips to suck one of my corky nipples.

But he denied it, said he was straight as a ruler. Working it deep into his hot, young funky ass, stretching his little asshole wide open. I haven't told him. You never told me that. Tim and Doug looked at each other, seeming to like that idea a whole lot. She's a super fox. To a little four-way orgy. Except the guys could hardly have guessed just what sort of an orgy Nan and I had in mind!

By the way, Nan just has the most incredible body. We weren't lovers exactly, just good friends who liked to get down and dirty when we happened to be together and both found ourselves feeling the need for it. Let alone the two horny, virile studs who were watching us now with open mouths and shocked expressions.

But if it there's one thing we have in common, it's a tight asshole between our hot little buns, right? What are you girls doing? Sleek and hard and tanned. We were really going at like the two sizzling cunthounds we are. I just love doing it to him down there. Then Nan and I got into a '69' position and began feasting on each others' pussies some more while we wiggled our cute firm butts for the guys.

Hell, I might even join you," she said with a lusty laugh. We may have tits and pussies, and you may have dicks. We sucked their dicks until they were rock hard. Then we dug in for a lavish cock feast. You know, it's a change of pace from this!

Then greasing him up and digging my fingers up his ass. You two have hot mouths, right?

Nan and I started to undress. Man, does that ever turn me on! And it would so wild to watch their reaction.
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podarimnesolnce. Age: 21. Soy una chica muy caliente y complaciente, me gusta el dolor y la satisfaccion, lo que no se me lo puedes ensenar y lo que se lo hago muy bien.

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