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Jay harbors a crush for Nya, but he is interrupted every time he gets the courage to tell her his feelings for her. Among its members are:. Liu plans to train the boy in the art of the ninja. Wyldstyle retransmits the heroic deeds of Emmet on television and people of the whole universe start to use their creativity to create weapons with which to defend themselves. Vitruvius and Wyldstyle use the magic to enter the mind of Emmet. Retrieved from " https: His vehicle is a mech supported by one wheel and armed with powerful weaponized speakers known as the Quake Mech.

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Views Read Edit View history. Master Frown voiced by Eric Bauza is the villain of the series and the nemesis of Unikitty who comes from Frown Town which is on the other side of the Unikingdom. She was Batman's girlfriend and Emmet's love interest at the start of the movie. They escape from Bad Cop but Wyldstyle realizes that Emmet is an ordinary and regular guy. Vitruvius tries to defend, but Lord Business decapitates him with a coin; with his last words, Vitruvius admits that the prophecy was his own doing. I wanted it to be me, okay?

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The Master Builders are a group of Lego minifigures that can build things without instructions. Michelangelo Buonaroti is an artist and sculptor that is one of the Master Builders. In his Lord Business form, President Business wears a fire-spurting helmet, a long cape and extending leg attachments that light up in the middle. Finn portrayed by Jadon Sand [1] is a boy who is the son of "The Man Upstairs" in the live-action part of the film. The Super Secret police are Lord Business' personal law enforcement group. During the attack on Cloud Cuckoo Land, Green Lantern tries to get Superman out of the wad of gum he's trapped in which doesn't work and leads to both of them getting captured by the Super Secret Police.

The Second Part Locascio in The Lego Movie: He starts off as a regular construction worker who was chosen by the prophecy to find the Piece of Resistance to save the Lego World and stop the evil Lord Business. She's cute, positive, optimistic, but she also has a dark side when she gets angry.

During the attack on Cloud Cuckoo Land, Superman took down one of the Super Secret Police's vehicles before being immobilized by a wad of gum leading to his capture. During the fight in Bricksburg, William Shakespeare and Michelangelo Buonaroti are shown riding with Abraham Lincoln on his rocket chair.

After Emmet gets back and saves the world, she left Batman and she officially became Emmet's girlfriend. When Good Cop couldn't use the weapon on them, Lord Business erased his Good Cop face much to the horror of his parents. MetalBeard originally had a normal pirate body, which he lost in an earlier mission to the Octan Tower that led to the capture of most of the Masters Builders that were with him.

When Good Cop couldn't do the job, Lord Business used nail polish remover and a q-tip to erase Good Cop's face enabling Bad Cop to do the job much to the horror of his parents. Her job is to keep saving Emmet from Lord Business' robot sidekicks. The Man Upstairs portrayed by Will Ferrell [1] is an unnamed adult Lego collector and the father of Finn who appears in the live-action part of the film.

In The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part , Emmet will put his master building skills to the ultimate test to save his friends from a new danger. Among the citizens of The Old West are:. Lord Business brought them in as a demonstration to Bad Cop on the Kragle weapon that he will be using on Taco Tuesday. What they didn't know is that Bad Cop placed a tracking device on Emmet's leg without anybody noticing.

There is also an animated spin-off series centered around the character, named Unikitty! He is among the Master Builders that are captured. She is among the Master Builders that are captured. During the fight in Bricksburg, Michelangelo and William Shakespeare are showing riding with Abraham Lincoln on his rocket chair.

His plan is to take The Lego Movie characters except Batman and Vitruvius ' ghost to make his own show. With some persuasion from Emmet, Lord Business caps the Kragle and makes amends by spreading the antidote for Kragle. Another Blaze Firefighter was seen during the battle in Bricksburg where he is operating a mech that was created from a fire engine.

Vitruvius is the one of the most important members of the Master Builders and the one who believes that Emmet will save the world. Her name is a spoof of Calamity Jane. Albus Dumbledore is a wizard who is the headmaster of Hogwarts and a Master Builder. The Old West is a location that is home to every cowboy and Indian minifigure. Velma Staplebot voiced by Kelly Lafferty is a robot who is Lord Business' overbearing personal assistant.

Gordon Zola is a chef from Bricksburg and a Master Builder. In one of his earlier encounters with Lord Business, Vitruvius was blinded by him and made up a prophecy of the Special. He discovers that everything in the Lego world is from a kid's imagination. Bricksburg is the city where Emmet lives and is from. When President Business is not doing his job as a President, he is a despicable and evil villain named Lord Business who wants to freeze the Lego World with Kragle.

Which leads to him asking his wife the titular question. He wants Bad Cop to test it on his parents. When interviewed by Reporter Pippa, Superman describes the Phantom Zone to hold the universe's worst villains, which gives Batman and Joker ideas for their plans with the Phantom Zone Projector. Following Emmet's sacrifice, which stopped the self-destructing Think Tank, Bad Cop later helps the Master Builders escape where he even uses a marker to draw a scribble face to replace the Good Cop face he lost.

In The Lego Batman Movie , past footage of Emmet falling into the Eternal Abyss of Nothingness can be seen in the beginning of the film when a local news anchor is explaining the results of Joker's bomb blast. But due to his father's infamy, he is an outcast. When the Master Builders were displeased that Emmet hasn't learned any Master Builder skills yet, Abraham Lincoln quotes "A house divided against itself would be better than this.

They are captured by the Super Secret Police. He yearns for having a normal life. When it was revealed that Emmet doesn't know any Master Builder skills and he tried to make an attempt at a motivated speech, Gandalf and Dumbledore quote to Emmet that he's the but when he quoted "but".

Some other Gallant Guards were shown listening to a medieval messenger reading Wyldstyle's message to everyone to stand up to Lord Business' forces. She was Batman's girlfriend and Emmet's love interest at the start of the movie. Both times in Cloud Cuckoo Land and on MetalBeard's ship, he tried to build a spaceship only to have his plans cancelled.

With every Krazy Glue in his possession, "The Man Upstairs" proceeds to permanently rebuild and glue his perceived perfect creations together. The Duplo Aliens voiced by Graham Miller [1] are a race of giant aliens made of Duplo blocks that come from the planet Duplon. This resulted in aliens from the planet Duplo beaming down and announcing their plans to destroy them.

He gets back to the Lego world where he makes a speech to Lord Business and saves the world celebrating with his new friends. He is a businessman who is the president of the Octan Corporation and the Lego World. During the battle of Bricksburg, Abraham Lincoln is shown riding into battle while giving Michelangelo Buonaroti and William Shakespeare a ride. Upon his defeat, Risky Business tries to get away only to run into the police where they arrest him for illegally making "Brick World".

He comes home from work and chastises his son for ruining the set by creating variations of different playsets while stating that he left the child blocks for him and his sister to use. At the end of the movie, Batman gives Wyldstyle his blessing to be Emmet's girlfriend. The Second Part , he is shown to have a metal or robotic right arm, having had lost the original in the final battle of the first film.

In The Lego Batman Movie , he and Batman are shown to have a hostile relationship similar to how they started out in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice during one confrontation with Joker. When he is accidentally adopted by Batman's alter ego Bruce Wayne and becomes his sidekick, he gets "double the happiness".

When it was discovered that Emmet has not learned any Master Builder skills yet, William Shakespeare considered him "rubbish. His character tends to misplace his pants, with them ending up in odd places, such as a plant pot. Superman is seen hosting the 57th Annual Justice League Anniversary Party at the Fortress of Solitude , which he neglected to invite Batman to and had to come up with various cover-ups to explain why Batman didn't get an invitation. During the escape from the Octan Tower upon Bad Cop approving the idea, Benny very enthusiastically makes a spaceship, which the others used to make their way back to Bricksburg. One face is the bad one, which is mostly with Lord Business while the other one is good, kind, and friendly with everyone. Abraham Lincoln voiced by Will Forte [1] is the 16th President of the United States and a Master Builder who rides in a rocket version of his armchair with a footrest that is similar to the one seen in the statue of him. Wyldstyle's real name is Lucy and it is implied by Vitruvius that she kept changing her name due to being insecure about it. He is the one who created the world of Lego, all the events and the characters, including Emmet, and is the only one who knows the truth behind the Lego world. He first appears where he interrogates Emmet on the Master Builders and comes up to send Emmet to the Melting Chamber. After Emmet's sacrifice, she shows to the rest of the citizens of Bricksburg and the rest of the Lego universe an honorable speech about Emmet and makes everybody to be creative and fight Business' evil robots. He is Lord Business' older brother and he makes a theme park called "Brick World". Besides Emmet, among the citizens of Bricksburg are:. As a result of "The Man Upstairs" allowing his younger daughter to play with him and Finn, the Duplo Aliens arrive with the lead Duplo Alien announcing their plans to destroy everyone before the film ends in a cliffhanger. When Wyldstyle frees Emmet, Bad Cop and his forces pursue them to one of the secret tunnels. Upon setting the Think Tank to self-destruct and leaving, Lord Business abandoned Bad Cop stating that it was nothing personal. When it was revealed that Emmet doesn't know any Master Builder skills, Gandalf and Dumbledore quote to Emmet that he's the "butt" when he quoted "but. This is further implied in Lego Dimensions when she decided to remember Gandalf 's surname upon Sauron 's mention of it in order to use it when she gets tired of her current name. Lloyd voiced by Dave Franco is the Green Ninja and the de facto leader of the team. Wyldstyle becomes his girlfriend at the end of the movie. This leaves Batman disappointed because he wasn't in the picture despite being a member. Queen of the Mermaids is a mermaid queen and Master Builder. The Blaze Firefighter is a firefighter and Master Builder. When Benny, Unikitty, and MetalBeard get hypnotized, he helps Emmet and Wyldstyle come up with a plan to save their friends. The following Master Builders appear from the Lego Minifigures theme:. Upon being called up to Taco Tuesday by Finn's mom, "The Man Upstairs" tells Finn that he will now allow his younger sister to play with them. He later rescued Emmet, Wyldstyle, Batman, Vitruvius, Princess Unikitty and Benny when he noticed that the Super Secret Police didn't salvage the double-decker couch that Emmet made, which everyone took refuge in upon the destruction of their submarine. The Panda Guy is a man in a giant panda suit that is a Master Builder. In The Lego Batman Movie , he is depicted as an arrogant, selfish and sarcastic person like in the original one , but in this one, he needs to team up with his adopted son Richard "Dick" Grayson , his butler Alfred Pennyworth and the new Commissioner of Gotham City and his crush Barbara Gordon to stop his greatest enemy Joker. Bad Cop then uses the Kragle weapon on them. William Shakespeare voiced by Jorma Taccone [1] is a poet, playwright, and actor who is one of the Master Builders. When Gandalf asks Vitruvius to have Emmet stand forward, Vitruvius mistakes him for Albus Dumbledore much to the annoyance of both wizards. Upon his death, Vitruvius returns as a ghost that helps Emmet learn his destiny. He is later seen at the end of the movie with the other DC Comics superheroes.
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