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Each inch that slowly disappeared between her lips seemed wider and thicker than the last and I saw her pussy try desperately to spread further and further to accept his huge cock. Every girl in the room was watching the two of them except for one girl who I thought I saw talking on a cell phone nearby. I didn't think that a girl with a frame as small as hers could possibly accommodate a dick that size of Aaron's, but boy was I wrong! Before any of the girls could speak, he surprised us all by asking, "Anyone else? Marriages wouldn't last past the revelation--except maybe if both bride and groom indulged. Bride sucks and fucks at bachelorette party Flag this video. The table was quickly if somewhat clumsily cleared, and a CD that the one of the girl's had brought along was loaded into the stereo.

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Real Bachelorette Party -

Due to last minute arrangements for a baby-sitter for my two-year-old daughter, I got there about half an hour late, and a lot of the girls were already sitting around a large oak table, laughing and talking. What I meant is when you call the agency, they give you several choices in the guys you can choose from; height, hair and eye color, athletic, etc. I smiled quite broadly to myself, and wondered just how "shy" they'd all be after a dozen or so more drinks and twenty minutes of watching him perform strip. I knew I had it bad-real bad. It must have been close to an hour before she returned with Julia, who looked surprised as hell! Julia opened the next gift and laughed when she saw that it was a plastic container of what looked like multi-colored lollipops. He was wearing a slightly oversized double-breasted sport-coat, slacks, and a dazzling band-collar shirt. Erica was the next lucky girl, and she had no reservations in touching Aaron. I knew all but one of them. From your husband, maybe? This was no accident, for I had been told that we were to all help to get Julia as drunk as possible to loosen her up and make her drop her inhibitions about the male stripper and maybe, just maybe get her to do something naughty with him. All of us were married or 'involved,' although some more happily than others. Everyone applauded and cheered, although judging by the number of times hands missed one another while clapping, I'd have said that the group of girls was mostly well on the way to very, very pleasantly drunk. After a few moments, one of the girls who hadn't yet started drinking announced that she was leaving to pick up our guest of honor, Julia, from work at the hospital, where she worked as a receptionist. While Julia was busy turning bright red, I turned to Jenny and whispered, "My god, girl! All of us were on the edge of our seats. After all of us had a good laugh over our excuses, the conversation turned to the main reason that most of us couldn't and wouldn't tell our husbands and boyfriends about the party in the first place: I promised him I wouldn't have a male stripper at my party! We also planned to have plenty of booze for the Bride-to-be and the other girls to drink. He still had a pair of white silk boxers on, and a white silk g-string under that. I laughed as well, and after chatting with her a bit more about some of the details, we went our separate ways for the day. The numerous drinks I had consumed made me feel warm and tingly all over. About halfway through opening the gifts which ranged from an assortment of incredibly sinful panties to hot massage oils to several large dildos and a few very pleasurable-looking vibrators, as well as a few very nice pieces of wedding lingerie , the stripper arrived. She eyed Jennifer with a knowing look of sorts and then just smiled. And is his dick really as BIG as it looks under that thong? She gave him a very flirtatious smile and then raised a finger to his lips. In reality, the lollipops were actually colored condoms. Several times, I caught myself contemplating having sex with such a magnificent man. I was in heat for this guy and I was sure that my eyes showed it. He finally slid his boxers down, kicked them away and over our heads, and stood before all of us with a rather large and proud-looking erection stretching his small g-string to its limits. The day of the party came up more quickly than I expected, but that wasn't a problem at all - I was looking forward to it quite a bit. By this time, I had a nice 'buzz' going from all the drinks I had consumed and I was ready for the party to really get started. Jennifer was making the rounds and getting drinks for everyone and from the look of the "bar," we wouldn't run dry anytime soon. I remember grinning inwardly, but biting back my leering smile, as I asked her for more details about the 'party' she had planned for Julia. His body was well muscled, but not to the point where it became more obtrusive than handsome and powerful looking. He turned around several times in the last few steps of his dance, alternately giving everyone a good look at his barely hidden cock and his oh-so-cute little ass, and then dropped to all fours and crawled slowly over to the bride-to-be. Jenny then explained what sort of presents we were to get her for her party and my imagination started to shift into overdrive. In fact, she teasingly ran her nails down his chest until they stopped just above the top of his thong. One of the girls was even sitting there with her jaw hanging open, and I thought for sure that she was going to start panting! I agreed and promised not to say a word to my husband. The poor girl's getting married - she ought to have as much fun as we can give her in her last night of Bachelorette-hood! Then, she surprised everyone, including her mother, by slipping her small fingers into his thong. Dick did I ask for? Jennifer first told me that she was throwing a Bachelorette Party for a friend of ours Julia about three weeks before the party. I sure hope he has a cute one! And where'd you get that idea? As I looked at her, it occurred to me that she was the only girl that I didn't know at the party. His thong-covered dick was just inches away from my face and I was tempted to reach out and grab it, but I somehow resisted the temptation. Jenny also asked me if I thought a male stripper was a good idea - and I cried out loud, "Hell, Yes! At first, Aaron kissed it with polite little kisses, but then he sucked it into his mouth and suckled it tenderly.{/PARAGRAPH} I know that if I am successful, I will be the most satisfied of all. He had a nice smile, and seemed at ease with the group of girls eyeing him over. I told her that one was for tonight several pairs of silk crotch less panties and a very graphic sexual position book and one was for later a large and expensive crystal vase. He seemed a little disappointed by my lack of attention, especially since most of the other girls had eagerly groped his tempting 'package. He had paid individual attention to nearly everyone, but particularly to Julia which only made sense since she was the bride-to-be and she was surprisingly, acting less shy with every minute that went by, and one other especially coquettish-looking young girl, who was giving him some serious "fuck me" looks. {PARAGRAPH}Blogger Template by Blogcrowds. After a few minutes and after he had shed his jacket, slipped out of his shoes, and started opening his shirt, I looked around and saw nearly everyone else just staring hungrily at his perfect body. Then I realized what I had just said and laughed. He was expectedly gorgeous - just over six feet, I'd have guessed, with heavy shoulders and a thick chest, a deep tan and hair that probably was closer to brown than black. I looked back at Aaron and noted that he was indeed playfully undoing the snap buttons on his silk boxers. Over the next couple of hours, the girls managed to get Julia nicely drunk as they engaged her in an assortment of 'drinking' games. The rest of us giggled and applauded, although I don't think any of us truly knew what exactly we were applauding. After only a second, she teasingly withdrew her fingers, snapping the top of his thong against his skin on the way out. She then made me swear to absolute secrecy about the whole affair. And 'yes,' he has a very big dick underneath that thong-that's how I picked him! Jennifer brought him in and introduced him to the group. The song the girl's played was incredibly appropriate for the occasion and one of Julia's favorites. She kept her big blue eyes locked on Aaron's, as she teasingly massaged his hidden cock. He was a gorgeous male specimen. She told me how many girls she'd invited ten girls in all, counting the bride-to-be and the two of us. The girls all fawned over him a bit myself included , and then he was given a chair and a drink, while we finished the gift giving. Julia would have her Beef 'Cake' and she would get to eat him too! Aaron danced well, and he knew what he was doing. She said she wanted it to be a wild time for Julia, so she asked me for my help. Apparently being a "crowd pleaser," Erica rose to her feet and stood albeit somewhat shakily from the large amounts of liquor she had consumed directly in front of him. The alcohol had taken its toll, and I was feeling those all too familiar urges deep between my thighs that begged for attention. Julia laughed, although somewhat nervously, with the girls as they continued to talk about the impending arrival of the stripper - some of them in conspiratorial near-whispers and with schoolgirl giggles. We talked for a moment, and then we were both ushered over to the table, where the rest of the girls were waiting for Julia. Julia, meanwhile, was laughing, drinking, and talking up a storm with the girls nearby her. In that spirit, it is my intention to see that no woman in this room leaves tonight unsatisfied. Aaron bowed with a smile then started to dance. The table was quickly if somewhat clumsily cleared, and a CD that the one of the girl's had brought along was loaded into the stereo. She was concerned about a few of the girl's husbands and boyfriends not letting them attend, if they got wind of the fact that we were planning a night of wild female decadence! I met her and she's as mature as they come at that age. He smiled back, but looked genuinely disappointed, and then he moved on further down the table. The girls went wild, everyone but her mother, anyway hollering approval and cheering for more. I saw Julia talking to some of the girls and I quickly walked over and gave her a hug, congratulated her, and gave her my presents. The problem with this plan, of course, was that we were all getting nicely drunk. Where did you find this guy? I could certainly understand why though, and turned my attention back to Aaron as the music changed. But every time he made his way in front of me and suggestively gyrated his body towards my face, I felt less and less like a wife and more and more like a single girl out on the town looking for a good one night stand! Curious, I turned to one of the girls beside me and whispered, "Who's the pretty young blonde? Aaron climbed onto the table, bowed to us which brought quite a bit more cheering , and as the music began, he said, "We are gathered here to celebrate Julia's upcoming wedding. She doesn't even look old enough to drink, much less see a male stripper. I sat down and Jennifer brought us both a drink, and as I sipped a bit, a few of them started talking about how each of them had duped their respective husbands and boyfriends into believing that they were somewhere else tonight. She said her "hellos" to the girls and sat down to talk. If only I was single again! I don't think my future hubby will be needing these. It was at this time, that one of the girls suggested that Julia open up some of her gifts.
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